An Insight represents a snapshot of your data in the process of searching for relationships or information.

When performing a series of cross filters or a plot composition, that is a potential insight. In case you want to reproduce the state of the app at that stage, you can save an insight like this

Saving Variables

To save an insight on how a variable reacts to another, you can go to the options button next to the variable you are interested in, and click save insight.

Saving Plots

If you want to save a plot you’ve composed, you can click the “Save Insight” button.

Saving Graphs

To save a Graph as an Insight, you can click the “Save Insight” button in the upper right corner of the Graph view.

Saving Correlations

There are multiple ways to save correlations as insights. You may save a group of related correlations as an insight, or individual ones.

Saving individual correlations

In order to save a correlation chart, navigate to the Correlations tab and click on the options, just as you would in the Data tab. Then, click “Save Insight”.

Saving a group of correlations

In order to save a group of correlations, you can click on this button on the top right to save the first 5 charts visible at that point.

This view can be customized. You can display the correlations as bubble charts, heatmaps or in boxplot mode, by clicking on the dropdown next to the save multiple insights button.

In order to change which variables appear, you can select the “Show All” dropdown, that will allow you to select any tags (link to tags) available.

Alternatively, you may select the “None” option, which will allow you to select any variables you want. Then you may save them individually or in groups of 5.

None Selection for custom

For this menu to appear, you need to have Tags in your variables, since it’s the only way you can filter variables in this manner at the moment.

Saving in Compare

To save an Insight from the Compare tab, you may proceed in the same way as with the Correlations tab.

Accessing your insights

After creating your first insight, you’ll be able to access them from the Insights tab in the navigation bar up top.

Insights tab