Interface Overview

Account Overview is the place where you’ll manage the information associated with your account, and its preferences, configure the plan you are subscribed to, and sign out.

In this documentation you’ll learn to:

  1. How to view and edit your personal information
    • Change your name
    • Change your profile picture
    • Change the account password
  2. How to customize your theme
  3. How to manage your subscription plan
    • How to add, remove, or edit seats in your subscription plan
  4. How to configure notifications
  5. How to sign out

How to view and edit your personal info

This is where you can edit your username, change your profile picture, and reset your account password.

How to customize your theme

In Graphext, we understand the importance of a personalized user experience, which is why we offer two distinct themes: dark and light. You can switch between these themes at any point to suit your visual preference or lighting conditions. For your convenience, you can easily change the theme using the toggle available in the dropdown menu at the top left of the interface, or by adjusting your preferences in the account settings. Additionally, for those who desire an even more seamless experience, we provide an option to synchronize the theme with your system settings. This feature allows the Graphext interface to automatically adapt to the time of day, aligning with your system’s theme to ensure optimal visibility and comfort throughout your day. Whether you prefer the stark elegance of dark mode or the crisp brightness of light mode, our customizable settings are designed to meet the needs of all users.

  • Themes toggle
  • Account settings themes configuration

How to manage your subscription plan

How to configure notifications

We have designed our notification system to be minimally invasive, ensuring that it only alerts you to matters of genuine importance. This approach helps prevent the accumulation of unread notifications, a common issue in many software applications where excessive, less useful alerts can lead users to ignore them altogether. Key notifications you will receive include:

  • Alerts when a project execution has failed
  • Notifications when someone or something has stopped a recurrence
  • Invitations to join a new team
  • Updates when a project has been shared with you.

If you miss any other notification or you want to do a more advance configuration of them, please contact us.

How to sign out

You will find this option in the Account dropdown menu, in the navigation bar.