When dealing with data that comes from a given integration, you can tell Graphext to update it recurrently, so you can have the latest version always available and ready to be analyzed.

Doing this is very easy:


Create a proyect using an integration

Set your project up as usual, connecting your preferred integration.


Enable recurrence

On the top right corner there should be a little cloud icon. Click on it to open the dropdown. At the very bottom, you can see Recurrence: Not scheduled. Click and continue.



Set up your preferred timing

This menu will pop up, prompting you for some settings.

Recurrence menu

You can set up:

  • Type of recurrence

    • Refresh: will overwrite your last dataset with the new one
    • Refresh & Backup: will save each version of your data as a snapshot
  • Recurrence pattern: Define how much time will span in between updates

When configuring a weekly, monthly or anual pattern, the beginning of the period starts at:

  • Weekly: every Monday
  • Monthly: every first day of the following month
  • Anually: every first day of the following year

For hourly, daily and weekdays, the pattern just depends on the time. Weekdays will update the data every day except for Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Time Zone: you may select a different time zone if that is of your convenience
  • Time: exactly at what point in the period should the data be updated

The Next run row will display when the pattern was first created, when was the last time it was updated, and when is the next update scheduled. This information will be populated upon saving your settings.

This won’t work on data that comes from a file from your computer since we need to periodically bring the latest data from the source.