If you are working with data stored in a database or hosted somewhere on the cloud, it’s often simpler and more efficient to load your data directly into Graphext. By connecting a database or remotely hosted dataset with Graphext, you create a link between your workspace and the source of your data. You only have to integrate a data source with your Graphext workspace once.

Then each time you want to update your project with the latest data, you would refresh the project. This action will retrieve your data in its most up to date form, meaning that you can start analyzing recent data straight away.

Available Data Connections

To read more about the connections that we currently support and how to configure them, check out any of these references here.

Allow connections from Graphext IP addresses

Numerous data sources are secured behind firewalls, necessitating Graphext’s IP addresses to be permitted (‘whitelisting’) for connection. This typically involves modifying your firewall settings.

Please include the following IP addresses into the data source whitelist to allow Graphext to connect correctly.