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Label holidays

date & time

Indicate if there are any holidays for given date, location pairs.

Assigns holiday labels to a given date, location pair. The date must be expressed through a date column, but the region can be indicated by either giving a country and region column, or indicating the country, region through parameters. If only one location column is given, it's assumed to be the country.

For supported country/region identifiers, please check this table.

Since holidays essentially rely on manual or at best heuristical tagging, keep in mind that the further you go into the future or into the past the more unreliable the data becomes, and the same can be said for small countries. You read more about our holiday data provider here.


The following are the step's expected inputs and outputs and their specific types.

Step signature
    date_col: date,
    *location: category, {
    "param": value
}) -> (holidays: list[category], is_holiday: boolean)

where the object {"param": value} is optional in most cases and if present may contain any of the parameters described in the corresponding section below.


The following labels California holidays in a set of dates

Example call (in recipe editor)
label_holidays(, {
  "country": "US",
  "region": "CA"
}) -> (ds.california_holidays, ds.is_holiday)
More examples

The following labels several country/region combinations

Example call (in recipe editor)
label_holidays(,, ds.region) -> (ds.holidays, ds.is_holiday)


date_col: column:date

Dates column to label.

*location: column:category

Optional columns containing the location names (Counry, Region) if different countries or regions are present.


holidays: column:list[category]

A column containing the labels assigned to each text.

is_holiday: column:boolean

Indicates wether a given date had some holidays in it or not.


country: string

Country to retrieve the holiday from.

Must be one of: "ABW", "AE", "AGO", "AO", "AR", "ARE", "ARG", "AT", "AU", "AUS", "AUT", "AW", "Angola", "Argentina", "Aruba", "Australia", "Austria", "BD", "BDI", "BE", "BEL", "BG", "BGD", "BI", "BLG", "BLR", "BR", "BRA", "BW", "BWA", "BY", "Bangladesh", "Belarus", "Belgium", "Botswana", "Brazil", "Bulgaria", "Burundi", "CA", "CAN", "CH", "CHE", "CHL", "CL", "CO", "COL", "CUW", "CW", "CZ", "CZE", "Canada", "Chile", "Colombia", "Croatia", "Curacao", "Czech", "Czechia", "DE", "DEU", "DJ", "DJI", "DK", "DNK", "DO", "DOM", "Denmark", "Djibouti", "DominicanRepublic", "ECB", "EE", "EG", "EGY", "ES", "ESP", "EST", "Egypt", "England", "Estonia", "EuropeanCentralBank", "FI", "FIN", "FR", "FRA", "Finland", "France", "GB", "GBR", "GE", "GEO", "GR", "GRC", "Georgia", "Germany", "Greece", "HK", "HKG", "HN", "HND", "HR", "HRV", "HU", "HUN", "Honduras", "HongKong", "Hungary", "IE", "IL", "IN", "IND", "IRL", "IS", "ISL", "ISR", "IT", "ITA", "Iceland", "India", "Ireland", "IsleOfMan", "Israel", "Italy", "JAM", "JM", "JP", "JPN", "Jamaica", "Japan", "KE", "KEN", "KOR", "KR", "Kenya", "Korea", "LT", "LTU", "LU", "LUX", "LV", "LVA", "Latvia", "Lithuania", "Luxembourg", "MA", "MEX", "MOR", "MOZ", "MW", "MWI", "MX", "MY", "MYS", "MZ", "Malawi", "Malaysia", "Mexico", "Morocco", "Mozambique", "NG", "NGA", "NI", "NIC", "NL", "NLD", "NO", "NOR", "NZ", "NZL", "Netherlands", "NewZealand", "Nicaragua", "Nigeria", "NorthernIreland", "Norway", "PE", "PER", "PL", "POL", "PRT", "PRY", "PT", "PTE", "PY", "Paraguay", "Peru", "Poland", "Polish", "Portugal", "PortugalExt", "RO", "ROU", "RS", "RU", "RUS", "Romania", "Russia", "SA", "SAU", "SE", "SG", "SGP", "SI", "SK", "SRB", "SVK", "SVN", "SWE", "SaudiArabia", "Scotland", "Serbia", "Singapore", "Slovak", "Slovakia", "Slovenia", "SouthAfrica", "Spain", "Sweden", "Switzerland", "TAR", "TR", "TUR", "Turkey", "UA", "UK", "UKR", "US", "USA", "Ukraine", "UnitedArabEmirates", "UnitedKingdom", "UnitedStates", "VEN", "VN", "VNM", "Venezuela", "Vietnam", "Wales", "YV", "ZA", "ZAF"

region: string

Region identifier. Check table referenced above for valid values.