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Fetch weather hourly

weather3rd party APIintegration

Fetch hourly weather data for given times and locations.


The following are the step's expected inputs and outputs and their specific types.

Step signature
    lat: number,
    lon: number,
    date: date, 
        "param": value
) -> (
    weather_hour_cloudCover: number,
    weather_hour_humidity: number,
    weather_hour_icon: category,
    weather_hour_ozone: number,
    weather_hour_precipIntensity: number,
    weather_hour_precipProbability: number,
    weather_hour_precipType: category,
    weather_hour_pressure: number,
    weather_hour_summary: text,
    weather_hour_temperature: number,
    weather_hour_time: date,
    weather_hour_uvIndex: number,
    weather_hour_visibility: number,
    weather_hour_windBearing: number,
    weather_hour_windGust: number,
    weather_hour_windSpeed: number

where the object {"param": value} is optional in most cases and if present may contain any of the parameters described in the corresponding section below.


Example call (in recipe editor)
fetch_weather_hourly( ,ds.lon , -> (ds.weather_hour_cloudCover, ds.weather_hour_humidity, ds.weather_hour_ico, ds.weather_hour_ozone, ds.weather_hour_precipIntensit, ds.weather_hour_precipProbability, ds.weather_hour_precipTyp, ds.weather_hour_pressure, ds.weather_hour_summar, ds.weather_hour_temperature, ds.weather_hour_time, ds.weather_hour_uvInde, ds.weather_hour_visibility, ds.weather_hour_windBearin, ds.weather_hour_windGust, ds.weather_hour_windSpeed)


lat: column:number

Latitude of the location to be analyzed.

lon: column:number

Longitude of the location to be analyzed.

date: column:date

Date to be analyzed.


weather_hour_cloudCover: column:number

Cloud Cover.

weather_hour_humidity: column:number

Humidity measurement for that hour.

weather_hour_icon: column:category

Icon displayed for that hour.

weather_hour_ozone: column:number

Ozone measurement for that hour.

weather_hour_precipIntensity: column:number

Precipitation intensity.

weather_hour_precipProbability: column:number

Precipitation probability for that time and location.

weather_hour_precipType: column:category

Precipitation type.

weather_hour_pressure: column:number

Pressure recorded at that time and location.

weather_hour_summary: column:text

Summary of the features measured.

weather_hour_temperature: column:number

Temperature recorded.

weather_hour_time: column:date

Time the features was recorded.

weather_hour_uvIndex: column:number

UV Index value.

weather_hour_visibility: column:number

Visibility present for the hour and location.

weather_hour_windBearing: column:number

Wind bearing for the hour analyzed.

weather_hour_windGust: column:number

Wind gust for the hour analyzed.

weather_hour_windSpeed: column:number

Wind speed for the hour analyzed.


requests_per_second: number = 2

Request per Second.

integration: string

ID of the integration you'd like to use.