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Fetch weather hourly

weather · 3rd party API · integration

Fetch hourly weather data for given times and locations.


The following are the step's expected inputs and outputs and their specific types.

Step signature
    lat: number,
    lon: number,
    date: date
) -> (
    weather_hour_cloudCover: number,
    weather_hour_humidity: number,
    weather_hour_icon: category,
    weather_hour_ozone: number,
    weather_hour_precipIntensity: number,
    weather_hour_precipProbability: number,
    weather_hour_precipType: category,
    weather_hour_pressure: number,
    weather_hour_summary: text,
    weather_hour_temperature: number,
    weather_hour_time: date,
    weather_hour_uvIndex: number,
    weather_hour_visibility: number,
    weather_hour_windBearing: number,
    weather_hour_windGust: number,
    weather_hour_windSpeed: number

where the object {"param": value} is optional in most cases and if present may contain any of the parameters described in the corresponding section below.


Example call (in recipe editor)
fetch_weather_hourly( ,ds.lon , -> (ds.weather_hour_cloudCover, ds.weather_hour_humidity, ds.weather_hour_ico, ds.weather_hour_ozone, ds.weather_hour_precipIntensit, ds.weather_hour_precipProbability, ds.weather_hour_precipTyp, ds.weather_hour_pressure, ds.weather_hour_summar, ds.weather_hour_temperature, ds.weather_hour_time, ds.weather_hour_uvInde, ds.weather_hour_visibility, ds.weather_hour_windBearin, ds.weather_hour_windGust, ds.weather_hour_windSpeed)


lat: column:number

Latitude of the location to be analyzed.

lon: column:number

Longitude of the location to be analyzed.

date: column:date

Date to be analyzed.


weather_hour_cloudCover: column:number

Cloud Cover.

weather_hour_humidity: column:number

Humidity measurement for that hour.

weather_hour_icon: column:category

Icon displayed for that hour.

weather_hour_ozone: column:number

Ozone measurement for that hour.

weather_hour_precipIntensity: column:number

Precipitation intensity.

weather_hour_precipProbability: column:number

Precipitation probability for that time and location.

weather_hour_precipType: column:category

Precipitation type.

weather_hour_pressure: column:number

Pressure recorded at that time and location.

weather_hour_summary: column:text

Summary of the features measured.

weather_hour_temperature: column:number

Temperature recorded.

weather_hour_time: column:date

Time the features was recorded.

weather_hour_uvIndex: column:number

UV Index value.

weather_hour_visibility: column:number

Visibility present for the hour and location.

weather_hour_windBearing: column:number

Wind bearing for the hour analyzed.

weather_hour_windGust: column:number

Wind gust for the hour analyzed.

weather_hour_windSpeed: column:number

Wind speed for the hour analyzed.

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