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Fetch location

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Extract formatted address, locality, area, state, country and geographical coordinates from one or more address columns.

It is possible to specify a postal code as a standalone column, but this will be interpreted as American without a proper prefix. To use Spanish postal codes indicate this using the "CP" prefix, e.g. "CP 28001".

API integration

To use this step your team needs to have the Google Location integration configured in Graphext. The corresponding credentials are required to connect to a third-party API. You can configure API integrations following the INTEGRATIONS or ADD INTEGRATION link in the top-left corner of your Team's page, selecting API keys, and then the name of the desired third-party service.

To enable the Google Location integration in particular you will need access to Google's geocoding service. Follow the instructions here to create the required API key.


The following are the step's expected inputs and outputs and their specific types.

Step signature
fetch_location(*address_columns: text|category|number, {
    "param": value
}) -> (
    formatted_address: category,
    locality: category,
    area: category,
    state: category,
    country: category,
    lat: number,
    lon: number

where the object {"param": value} is optional in most cases and if present may contain any of the parameters described in the corresponding section below.


Since the step has no configuration parameters, simply use

Example call (in recipe editor)
fetch_location(ds.address) -> (


*address_columns: column:text|category|number

One or more text or categorical columns containing all or parts of an address (e.g. street, city, postal code etc.). If several parts are specified in a single column they should be separated by a comma.


formatted_address: column:category

Categorical column containing the original address in a standardized format.

locality: column:category

Categorical column containing each address's locality.

area: column:category

Categorical column containing each address's area.

state: column:category

Categorical column containing each address's state or region.

country: column:category

Categorical column containing each address's country.

lat: column:number

Numeric column containing the latitude coordinate of the address.

lon: column:number

Numeric column containing the longitude coordinate of the address.


integration: string

ID of the integration you'd like to use.