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Data export

Prepare project using the final dataset.

Exports the result of a recipe's execution for visualization, including the network of row similarities and clusters.


You can subset the columns to be included in the project in two ways. To explicitly include the columns you want to preserve using a list of their names:

data_export(links, dataset[["column_1", "keep_column_2"]])
More examples

Alternatively, explicitly exclude columns you are not interested in using the negation "!":

data_export(links, dataset[!["column_3", "column_4"]])


The following are the step's expected inputs and outputs and their specific types.

    links: dataset,
    data: dataset


links: dataset

A links Dataset. Needs to be created using one of the link_[x] steps.

data: dataset

A Dataset containing the columns to be included in the project visualization. Note: needs to be compatible with the links dataset, in the sense that the links should have been generated using the data as its input.